Hard Nocks South is a private training facility.  It gets it’s name from the original Hard Nocks Gym in Amesbury, MA founded by Dave Nock.  Hard Nocks South keeps the spirit of Dave’s gym alive by providing a no frills atmosphere and the all important lesson that hard work trumps fancy facilities.

The major difference between the two is that Dave’s gym is open all the time for everyone while Hard Nocks South is a private establishment NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  This is to keep it a place where  the most dedicated athletes can focus on improving themselves without the distractions of curious eyes.  It would be nice to be able to accommodate everyone but this isn’t possible because people can be nitwits.  Thank you for respecting this.


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  1. Why not just charge 2000$ a year for a membership to a select few and money goes to charity? For instance the charity I provided in the ” website” section Saint Leo Sisters. The select few, like myself, do not care about “celebrity” people working out but just want a great gym unlike local ones offered? BTW say hello to my old DR, Chip, Johns neighbor, from the VA.
    Land O Lakes

    • Because it is not a open gym. No one trains there that isn’t under my guidance and I am a waste of money for those who aren’t professional athletes.

  2. Absolutely amazing gym setup for highly driven athletes. I was wondering on the off chance do you sell apparel or is that only available to the athletes who train there?
    Kind regards

  3. Please let me know who makes your tibia Dorsi machine. I see it in the pics and it is the exact one I want for me home. Is it hammer strength? Thanks a lot if you can check for me

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