Someones workout for the day


4 x6


B1.  Sumo Deadlift

4×5, 1×12


B2.  Incline Bench Press



C1. Pulldown



C2.  Rear leg elevated Split squat



Barbell Complex

6 reps then next move

High Pull

Ft. Squat

Push Press

Good Morning

Self Discipline

More important than your exercise or diet program is your self discipline. It doesn’t matter if you workout hard for a week, or stick to your diet for 3 out of 5 days. What matters is what how you act in the long run. How many “little cheats” did you let yourself get away with this week? How many workouts did you skip in the last month? Or the last year? The little things add up. Don’t make excuses for your own lack of discipline. It isn’t about just making yourself go to the gym or something you enjoy on some level. It is making yourself do the things you don’t want to do. The best rehab patients are the ones who tirelessly perform the repetitive boring physical therapy they have been prescribed. Day after day for hours on end. This might also mean you can’t workout for weeks or even months. You watch your body go away and you feel soft but you stick with it. That is discipline.


There are somethings you do just for the sake of building discipline. For example if you are a pasta lover you might cut out all pasta for a year. Not just because it is making losing fat difficult but to see if you can do it no matter what the situation, not matter how hungry you are. As an adult, no one is making you do anything. Do you lay in bed for a half hour or do you get up when you wake up? Do you let yourself mindlessly surf the internet for an hour then complain you don’t have time for things? I bet if you really look at yourself you just don’t have much self discipline. It will spill over into all aspects of your life for the better. We are experts at lying to ourselves and making excuses. (“I need to look at internet videos to unwind.” “I need to lay in bed because mornings are tough for me.”) Shut up. They are tough for everyone. You are just lazy and self permissive. Be tough on yourself and you will be a tougher person.


How the Split Jerk works (simple version)

The jerk can has great benefit to the power athlete.  It requires speed, coordination and decent shoulder range of motion to perform correctly.  Here we have an athlete who doesn’t have much training in the jerk.    The drive is initiated with the legs then you push yourself under the bar.  You are using your speed to get under the bar as well as strength to initiate the drive.  This lift allows you to stabilize a lot of weight overhead and you can’t perform it correctly if you don’t move fast.  The goal is to get as much out of your legs as possible and move YOURSELF under the bar rather than trying to simply push the bar overhead.  Since the weight used can be very heavy there is no eccentric phase and the bar is typically dropped.

As the trained eye can see the form isn’t Olympic weightlifter perfect but we don’t need that for this example.  Instead you can realize that this is 3x Olympian Lauryn Williams just messing around with overhead stuff between winning medals and being faster than you.  As a side note she is also pound for pound the strongest female ever to lift at the gym.   Follow her bobsled adventures here: @LaurynCwilliams



In a typical gym you often see more people talking or texting than training.  These same people wonder why they put so much time in at the gym and make so little progress.  If you want to treat the gym like a social club that is fine but don’t complain about your lack of progress.  If you have a one minute rest between sets this doesn’t mean rest one minute then respond to a text then do your set.  If you are halfway serious about improving then focus on your workout.  Get it done then socialize.  It has gotten to the point where people seem offended if you don’t want to talk to them while you are working out.  If this is you, remember that they aren’t being rude if they came to a gym to workout.  You are being rude assuming that they want to talk.

Next time you are working out, try giving yourself specific rest periods between sets and exercises.  Put your phone on airplane mode and use it only as a stopwatch.  If you are training with someone tell them to save their stories until before or after you workout.  See how much faster and harder your workout is.

Someone’s workout for the day

Am and Pm session

Have to be in super condition for this one.


Standing broad jump







40m x5

100m  x3


20M sprint and jog back 5 times



Jog 1 mile




A. Barbell Complex

Hang Clean, jerk, BSQ, GM



Stepper 5 min hard


B. Burpee

70 total



5 min build up

2 min come down



C1. Overhead Lunge


C2. Incline situp




8 min


D. Complex II

Hang Snatch, OHS, BSQ, OHS,



elliptical machine 10 min high intensity

Women can be strong

This is Anastasia Begunova squatting 180KG (396lbs) at a body weight of 63kg (138lbs).  Don’t be afraid to push yourselves ladies. Tiny pink dumbells aren’t helping you.



Warm Up

For most workouts a general warm up shouldn’t take that long.  It should be efficient regarding the training you are doing and include movements to address your individual needs.  However, if you lack flexibility or have some kind of tissue restriction then it may take you longer to warm up.  Fixing these issues should be a priority so you may need to dedicate a portion of your workout to increasing mobility and general physical preparedness.  There is no point in squatting if you can’t physically squat correctly.

A warm up should include movements to literally warm up the tissue, take the joints through a range of motion,  and stimulate the central nervous system.  Just riding the bike for 10 minutes isn’t enough.  Most people sit for too long during the day so if you are training the lower body you need to spend the time reminding it how it is supposed to move.  If you find yourself constantly needed 45 minutes to warm up then you have other issues at play.  Yes, for a period of time this may be necessary but you should be able to overcome those issues that are making an extended warm up requisite.