Diet Tips for when you are stuck

  • Think about nutrition.  Your calorie restriction may be cutting into amounts of basic vitamins and minerals
  • Stress.  Big killer when trying to lose body fat.  Remember, for the most part stress is a choice.
  • Sleep.  Big effect on metabolism.  Make it a priority.  Quality sleep at night is best.  But get what you can.  3 hour blocks for full REM cycle.
  • Alcohol.  Don’t complain if you are drinking often.  Cut out alcohol completely for a month.  If you can’t have a good time without it you are boring.
  • Timing.  Change the times when you eat your meals.  For example move your biggest meal to breakfast and smallest to dinner.
  • Carbs.  Cut them out nearly completely.  If you are not eating carbs now then add them in.  The point is to make a change.  First place to add them is after your workout.  Second place is a few hours before your workout or your last meal of the day depending on your needs.
  • Interval cardio.  Has to be incredibly difficult but may be more effective than steady state cardio.
  • Stay active.  Move around.  Don’t just sit home and wish you could eat.  Keep moving.  Do something.  Anything.
  • Small goals.  Don’t focus on the 20lbs you have to go.  Focus on a small goal for the week.
  • Be accountable.  Tell someone exactly what you are doing.  Give them a copy of your diet.  Have them ask you about it daily.  Don’t lie.
  • Veggies and spices are your friends.  Be creative.
  • Be extreme.  Do something drastic for a week.  It may help kick start your body.
  • Pay attention to what works for you.  Don’t worry about the guy or girl who is ripped and drinks every night and eats pizza every morning.  Focus on what works for you.
  • Throw out all foods in your house that aren’t in your diet.  Tell your living partner to deal with it.

Dieting shouldn’t take that long.  If you have 10lbs of fat to lose you should be done in no longer than 2 months.  That is only 1.25 lbs a week.   If it is taking longer, then something is wrong.   Stop making excuses for yourself and attack the problem.

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