More diet stuff

  • Don’t over focus on one aspect (IE. Not eating bread will make me lean)
  • Myth:  Carbs in PM make you fat
  • Myth:  Eating multiple meals increases metabolic rate.  Science shows NO increase in metabolic rate eating 5+ meals per day.  It may change how you handle some calories but so far no evidence to show you burn more.
  • Myth:  Morning Cardio burns more fat.  No evidence to support this.  Some say lack of energy caused by no food makes you work less thus burning less overall
  • Something to Try: limit carbs for the first half of the day then eating them second half
  • Eating Just protein encourages body to use your own protein (muscle) for fuel
  • Protein shots sold in health food stores are shit quality
  • Body composition is Multi faceted (Diet, exercise, stress management, sleep, attitude)
  • Fat burners only directly burn an extra 50 Calories or so a day.  They do increase energy through caffeine which may cause you to be more active.
  • Interval Cardio is superior to steady state for fat loss.  Steady cardio shows a much higher level of muscle loss.
  • 100% is too much to ask of yourself.  If you eat 80-90% clean that is enough for most people
  • Something to try:  Low carbs 6 days per week.  1 Day of carbs.  Even some sugary stuff.
  • Ignore temporary water retention.  It is a normal part of the day or month if you are female.
  • Should eat fat to lose fat

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