Cena 487lbs Bench PR

In the  10 week training cycle leading up to this he only went 90% or more of his previous max for 2 weeks.  However, since the training cycle was based on a very conservative number, he never crossed 87% of his true max the entire cycle.  A PR is a nice surprise when you haven’t been training very close to it.  The stronger you are and the older you are the less you can play with near max weights on a regular basis. Train smart and you can continue to progress.

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    • Way too long long to type out and wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone besides something to read as it was designed specifically for him.

      • Quick question for you, I have seen in a recent WWE Documentary that John is doing an Olympic style workout routine that uses a lot of compound lifts. I read in the previous comments that you can’t post the whole routine, but do you recommend somewhere reliable I could get an example of a similar Olympic Style routine that he does with examples of the exercises? I am really sorry for the inconvenience, I am just interested in differentiating my routine and I really wanted to give it a try but I don’t really know where to start.

        Thank you in advance for your time!

        • As mentioned before it is for him so the exercises and rep ranges change based on his needs. It isn’t based off a template of any program. A basic idea is 2 days per week on upper body stuff, 2 days per week on lower body/Olympic stuff. Exercises aren’t anything strange. The usual snatches, cleans, pulls, etc. depending on the workout phase.

  1. Hey Rob enjoyed the post, I was wondering if you prescribe a higher volume or higher intensity style workout for a bodybuilding client and why?

    • That is really dependent on the client. What they enjoy/respond to best. On the most basic level I think bodybuilders should train with a variety of rep ranges/rest periods. If someone trains with 8-12 reps for most of the year I think at least a few phases of lower reps, heavier weight and longer rest can benefit even a bodybuilder in the long run.

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