In a typical gym you often see more people talking or texting than training.  These same people wonder why they put so much time in at the gym and make so little progress.  If you want to treat the gym like a social club that is fine but don’t complain about your lack of progress.  If you have a one minute rest between sets this doesn’t mean rest one minute then respond to a text then do your set.  If you are halfway serious about improving then focus on your workout.  Get it done then socialize.  It has gotten to the point where people seem offended if you don’t want to talk to them while you are working out.  If this is you, remember that they aren’t being rude if they came to a gym to workout.  You are being rude assuming that they want to talk.

Next time you are working out, try giving yourself specific rest periods between sets and exercises.  Put your phone on airplane mode and use it only as a stopwatch.  If you are training with someone tell them to save their stories until before or after you workout.  See how much faster and harder your workout is.