Starting out

It can be intimidating and overwhelming to start working out if you haven’t before.  These days there is too much information that can be accessed but few answers.  Remember the following to keep your head clear.

  • There is no right way
  • Everyone progresses at different rates
  • Keep your program simple and basic
  • Don’t worry about supplements
  • Pay attention to how your body moves
  • Don’t try complicated exercises (cleans for example) before you can perform their components (front squat, clean deadlift, jump and land without knees wobbling)
  • The big guy in the gym doesn’t always know best
  • Lifting hard and heavy will not make female super muscular.  Man looking female bodybuilders take drugs.
  • Take your time.  It is a slow process.

Don’t wait until you have some perfect plan.  Take action now.  You might feel stupid at times in a gym where people seem to know what they are doing but trust me, most people only THINK they know what they are doing.